Blenderart Mag Issue #47 now available

Welcome to Issue #47, “What’s your Passion?”

Welcome to our 10 Anniversary Issue where we look at “What’s Your Passion”. Following your artistic passions helps you grow and improves your artistic skills. While some of the things you might be exploring may not seem to connect to your previous artistic endeavors, be assured it will add to them one way or another. So here is a great opportunity to see how others follow their passions and maybe jump start a few of your own.

Table of Contents:

123D Tutorial
Exploring Character modeling
Interview with Reynante M
Ancient Beast Game Project
New Method for Subdivision
Interview with Ton Roosendaal

And Lot More…

4 Comments for "Blenderart Mag Issue #47 now available"
  • I have downloaded from the three mirrors and each time the text in the pdf file is garbage

  • It is displaying as weird ascii characters. Funny thing is if I copy some of those characters and paste them into a blank text document they show up as proper text. Not really sure what the problem is

  • Just opened it in Foxit Reader Portable and it is OK. Must be something wrong with Adobe Reader

  • Oh, awesome! And I just noticed this xD
    Big thanks for the feature + cover, will spread the news soon.
    Only wish the renders at the end would mention something like “from project Ancient Beast” after the creature name and that the end of the Ancient Beast article would mention something like “Check out the end of the magazine for some creature 3d renders made in blender!” otherwise people won’t make the association between the two and might seen like there’s not much blender / 3d going on for the project ^^ Thanks again!

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