Blenderart Magazine: Status update

We didn’t ride off into the sunset without warning, but we have been busy working on issue #40: 3D Printing. It is a big issue and between that and the holidays, we are running rather late with this issue. We have finished proofing the first draft of the magazine layout and it shouldn’t be much longer.

In other news, issue #41: Digital Sculpting only received 1 submission and due to the holidays I didn’t have time to write up all the threatened articles about fluffy bunnies and hearts, so I am going to hit the “re-wind button” and re-issue a new Call for Content #41 with a new topic that hopefully will generate more submissions.

The new Call for Content will be issued in a day or two, so be on the lookout for it and plan to submit all your blender awesomeness.

3 Comments for "Blenderart Magazine: Status update"
  • Pity about the sculpting issue, but glad to hear the 3d print one is going to be full of stuff to go through. Looking forward to it!

    Might be good to try the sculpting one in another 6 – 12 months or so when Dynamic topology has been merged to trunk / in a public release for more people to play with.


  • dreamsgate

    I’ll keep that in mind, I agree there will be an increase in interest with dyntopo.

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