Issue #14 Correction

Due to an organizational over site on my part, the amazing images of Maid_San by FEDB, were not included in this issue’s gallery as intended, but the blend file he supplied for study was included in our blend file download.

FEDB has informed me that he will be posting these images on his personal blog for all to admire and study. You are also encouraged to check out the forum Gallery thread on his character to gain insight into his methods as well as see how the character developed.

We are sorry for the inconvenience and also appologise to FEDB for any inconvenience and confusion caused by this over site.

2 Comments for "Issue #14 Correction"
  • Daniel

    I was already wondering, when I saw the .blend. Great images, definitely!

  • Dread Knight

    I suggest you should edit the number and include the images and update with the edited magazine all around :D because Maid San is looks so awsome!

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