Blenderart Mag Issue #14 now available

Welcome to Issue #14, “Cartoon & GE”

If you haven’t yet played with Blender’s Game Engine, here is your chance to learn about some of the fun and interesting possibilities available. As well as some of the latest tips, techniques and “behind the scenes” looks at cartoon modeling.

So grab your copy today.

Also be sure to check out our gallery of wonderful images submitted by very talented members of our community.

Table of Contents:

Modeling & Rigging a Cartoon-looking Spider
Making a Low Poly Character from High Poly
Material Retouching using Node & Vertex Color
Creating a Cartoony animation with Blender
Learning the Blender Game Engine
Blender Game Networking
Making of Orion Tear
Making of Teenage Duck
Making of Monkey Game Project
Case Study Blender Realtime Engine

“The Precision Modeling Guide” by Robert Burke, has undergone revisions since it was announced for this issue. The link we supplied no longer works, but you can download the latest version by visiting his website.

We recommend downloading the Issue 14 Torrent file(torrent files contain both the Magazine & Blend files), otherwise, download from a server here.


21 Comments for "Blenderart Mag Issue #14 now available"
  • Tobias

    There’s alot of good stuff in there!
    One small thing though. You’ve mixed two of the
    pictures in my article (cartoon animation). I don’t think it’ll cause
    any major trouble, but it might be a little comfusing.
    Anyway, i’m looking foward to diving into this when i get home.

  • Dread Knight


  • Tobias DN

    Looks great.
    It seems you’ve switched the two first
    images in my article though.
    Anyway, great job.
    I’m looking forward to reading this.

  • Diego

    gracias por todo es de verdad es muy bueno o que hacen los felicito


    Great! Was looking forward to this issue!

  • Tobias DN

    Sorry for the double post.
    I guess i got over exited…

  • This is excellent! Thanks for the issues.

  • dreamsgate

    LOl, not a problem Tobias. It is always exciting to see your work in print. It still hits me too. :P

  • JWilde

    Nice work, thanks!

    [You might wanna change the publishing date on the website. After all it -is- 2008 you know. ;). ]

  • dreamsgate

    Ah snap! So it is. I know it always takes me a few months to “update” to a new year. :P

  • OK OK OK

  • ITlover

    This is great!It’s an awesome mag.It makes me wanna ……?! :D ?!… with Blender.
    Congratulation guys!Keep up!!!
    From ITlover in Cameroon

  • Grate issue! Very intresting.

    We are translating it to Russian. Can you post sources or textes of articles?

  • dreamsgate

    That is fantastic, you can find source files for issues 1-12 on our Translator page (http://www.blenderart.org/translators/).

    If you have any questions, just let me know.

  • Ty

    I’ve tried to download the Iusse #14 … but when I unzipped it… it gave me an error…. “corrupted file”… !!!

    I am not right or there is a problem…,

    bye, Ty

  • dreamsgate

    I checked the files from our site and they were fine. Which mirror did you download from?

  • hey dude do you know were to get free anamation

  • hello
    i am domilen, huyen and i am looking for free anamation

  • Are you looking for animation resources in general or something specific?

  • gazzatav


    did you use ALzip to uncompress the files? When I use ALzip (with any mag #) I get corrupted files but using other programs it’s fine.

  • http://www.kipas-air.com.my/

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