Node Cookbook: Update

Ok, I’m a bad little project announcer. While I had been considering something like a Node Cookbook for quite a while before I announced it to the community, I should have waited until after the holidays to announce it. Holidays are always very busy and hectic at my house and a project of this scope will take a fairly good investment of time.

Well the holidays are over and I am still working on the Node Cookbook, so no fear that it has been abandoned, just delayed for a little bit. I have been testing out different layouts and pdf settings for best viewing and downloading. I also have received an excellent suggestion from Kernon about presentation of the Node information that I will be checking out and testing for speed of set up and understandability for the reader.

So stay tuned for further updates.

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  • Daniel

    Great, I am already curious about the result. Is there already a date planned for the release?

  • dreamsgate

    I am hoping to have a “sample” page ready for viewing, feedback, suggestions within the next 1-2 weeks.

    At that point I will post the sample and wait 2 weeks for feedback and suggestions, during which time I will begin gathering more Nodes to include in the cookbook.

    At this point I have only had 6 submissions. Not really enough for a Cookbook. So I will start looking for and asking permission to use any and all sampls I find.

    Based on the setup I currently have in development, I will probably release pages as I finish them.

  • NCubed

    Just to say, great to hear it’s still on its way; can’t wait cos I spend too much time playing with nodes for little result so far; and please to all those out there who know their noodles – contribute!


    Sounds good!
    I was hoping on a setup like the Blender Open Material Repository uses, that you can DL nodes directly from blender with a python-script…

    or is that to much to ask? :)

  • dreamsgate

    LOL, if it requires python, then I won’t be the one doing it. Python and I don’t get along. :P

    But if someone wants to volunteer to code something, I’ll see what we can do.

  • Deb

    Sounds like a great project! I have some experience in layout but a wet noob to nodes. Drop me an email if I could help you with production of the book.

  • Steve

    I’ve actually been looking for something just like this… I read about it, or at least this is the same one from issue 13 and was interested because I’d like to have a reference of how these are made.

    What would be cool as well would be an index card recipe style system so when i get a model made, i can pick out the materials I need, pull up the cards get the base set up then tweak it out till it looks like How I want it.

    A sort of template would also not go unused at my house. So that I can add more of my own, and build up a collection.

    This is a great idea, and hope to see it very soon.

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