Blenderart Special Project: Material Node set-up ‘Cookbook’

Blender Material Node Cookbook

After having received very positive feedback on this project idea, I have decided that there is no time like the present to get it started. After giving it some thought, I am considering some of the following options:

  1. pdf chapters separated in logical categories for a smaller download size

    • each category could be updated quickly and or a new pdf with additional nodes could be created

  2. a flash card based system (or more appropriately recipes cards) with the node set-up image on one side of the card and the description/how to on the reverse side

    • recipe cards could be added as need with 1st sets bundled according to category and future releases in one download that could be added to your previous sets.

Preliminary categories (to be adjusted later as set-ups are submitted)

  1. Organics
    • Skin
    • Nature
    • Wood
    • Food
    • etc
  2. In-organics
    • Building
    • Cloth
    • Dirt
    • Metal
    • Patterns
    • Glass
    • etc
  3. Special Effects

We welcome any and all submissions, in fact the more that are submitted the better our cookbook will be.

To submit a Node set-up please follow the following guidelines

  1. Node set-up must be an original creation by the person submitting it, please do not submit someone else’s Node set-up, as then I will have to track down the original artist to obtain permission
  2. please send a blend file containing your Node set-up, I will be taking all the screen shots to maintain a consistent look/size for the cookbook
  3. If you want to write the description/how to for your Node set-up, feel free to do so, otherwise I will be happy to take care of that myself.

Send all submissions to sandra@blenderart.org , please put Node set-up in the subject line area.

Thank you for your support and participation
Sandra Gilbert

12 Comments for "Blenderart Special Project: Material Node set-up ‘Cookbook’"
  • Hop to see the cookbook up and running in the future. I would submit something myself, but I am lost at the moment. LOL

  • Gerry Huck

    I like the flash card idea, as long as the size of the cards are not fixed, becaue some of this stuff can get very large, and comlicated.

    Can’t wait to see this in full working motion. Keep up the great work you do at BlenderArt.

  • jedihe

    Great! this idea is cool! it will be very good to receive updates about the cookbook in our inboxes, too.

    BTW: Sandra: maybe you already have a similar tool, but nevertheles I will point you to an excellent tool to grab screenshots on Win: MWSnap. Easy to use and a lot of features.


  • Ankit

    I would go with the first idea of pdf chapters as compared to the flash cards since it gives a nice balance for both the broadband users as well as the dial-up users.

  • Andreas Starsjö

    This could be really awsome! I really need to learn how to use the nodes!

  • dreamsgate

    As I get submissions, I will layout a few ideas and then open it to the community for a vote of what is best.

  • Yudico

    Hi sandra!
    I just want to thank you for these excellents ideas. Perhaps showing a little explanation about color combination and airbrushing for apps like The gimp and Artweaver is required as introduction to wanted effects in CG. Just my thoughts.

  • DarrenW

    I think an excellent addition to each “recipe” would be to have a short play-by-play of what’s going on with particular nodes. Every node wouldn’t need a description, but simply showing a spaghetti bowl of nodes and connectors might not be enough to show how the final effect is being achieved.

  • dreamsgate

    That was my thought on it also. Not a huge in depth kind of thing, but short comments on the purpose of each node in the setup and intended function.

  • hello..

    thanks ;)

  • hello..

    thanks ;)

  • Jtheredeemer

    I was looking forward to this. What happened?

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