New Poll: Material Node Cookbook

As blender users become more familiar with the Material Node system, a lot of very cool Material Node setups are being created. Unfortunately, the greater majority of these setups are spread all over the net on various forums, threads and websites. BAM thinks it would be beneficial to the community to gather up as many of these wonderful setups (with the artists’ permission of course) as we can find, add a short ‘how to/description’ of how and why it works and bundle it all in a pdf format ‘Cookbook’.

It would allow users to quickly get the look they need without re-inventing the wheel, so to speak. It would also provide a valuable learning tool for users that are still struggling with the whole Node system.

So weigh in and give us your opinion on this project.

14 Comments for "New Poll: Material Node Cookbook"
  • This sounds like a really good idea. I myself have not yet gotten the time to learn the material node system, but would be nice to have this as a reference and as a learning resource.


  • I think it would be a great idea and a very useful addition to the BlenderArt magazine!
    ~epat. :)

  • I think that it would be a wonderful Idea to create a cook book for Material Node system. I myself am just starting in blender and need all the help I can get Lol.

  • Fabrizio Remiddi

    It would be really great. I’m still a bit afraid from this stuff!!!

  • dreamsgate

    That’s why I thought of this idea. I started with blender long before the Node system came into play. I still have a hard time understanding how certain effects were achieved.

    I think this would be a great learning too for all of us.

  • Tweaking Knobs

    Pleeeeeeeeeeeeease ! And thank you so so so much for the beautifull work you do ;D

    this node stuff would be gggreat , and also a special on compositing in Blender ;D please :D

  • dreamsgate

    Compositing would be a great special, I’ll put it in the pipeline.

  • abhishek

    I think its a great idea! i am eager to get my hands on it.

  • Yudico

    After this exotic idea, I think that It would be the most preciated texture book for beginners.

  • Piro

    I think it would be exellant. I have also not yet dabbled in the node area of blender and it would be great!

  • Duke

    I think any type of Blender Cookbook would be great, and I also agree with the general sentiment that cookbook specifically on material nodes would be an excellent way to learn about and enjoy that facility of Blender! So, when can we expect it? ;-)

  • dreamsgate

    I am going to do up some layout ideas this week and post them for voting. Then I will start creating/posting them as Node submissions come in.

    I have already received about a half dozen or so and would like to see many more. Although if I have to, I am also willing to search the forums/websites and contact artists directly for submission.

  • Fuzzybunny

    I think this would be great, it is next on my list of things to learn in blender, and I am battling to find clear, concise info!

  • DarrenW

    I’m a strong believer in learning by deconstruction. Starting from scratch in the node editor is a non-starter. But with a library of node textures as a starting point I think learning how each manipulation changes the outcome would be much easier to grasp. Great idea!

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